Notice about quarterly payment coupon error in assessment amount

Yesterday several people received the quarterly assessment payment books and a problem was discovered with the amount listed to pay on the Community/HOA coupon (the Club one is correct). It’s unclear if this was a printer problem or a Soundview problem, but we are working to get it resolved as quickly as possible and a letter will be sent from Soundview regarding the error and I assume they will send out new coupons.

The amount on the “Community/HOA” one is incorrectly listed as $190.87. The correct amount should be $156.24. If you are mailing in a payment using the coupon, then you are advised to cross out the $190.87 amount and replace it with the correct amount and send in a check for the correct $156.24 amount.

Again, the amount on the Club portion of the assessment ($134.90) is correct, so please pay that as it is listed.

For those of you on auto-debit, there’s no need to do anything as the debit should take the correct amount. Another great reason to sign up for it.

Road Seal and Repair

The Roads will be sealed and repaired from 5 January 2015 to 13 February 2015. During this time it is the responsibility of each resident to insure that you or your guests do not park or drive on the street when your street is beaing sealed or repaired and that you do not water your lawn when your street is being sealed. Damages caused by residents or their guests will be the responsibility of the owner. The contractor will have authority to TOW cars that are parked on the street preventing these maintenance actions.
Owners who are renting are required to inform their tenants of this activity and all community rules and regulations and notices. Failure to do so subjects the owner to liability for loss that may result from failure to inform your tenants.
The tentative schedule for these activities is as follows: This schedule may change. Changes will be posted on the community web sites and the contractor will post a current schedule at each gate. It is the resident’s responsibility to keep up with the schedule and insure that they do not adversely affect activity or damage property by parking or watering or driving on wet sealcoat or repairs.

5 January to 16 January – crack fill and road repair
19 January to 28 January Falls Side
29 January to 13 February – Econ Side

Do not park on the street when your street is being sealed.
Do not drive on wet seal coat.
Do not water your lawn when your street is being sealed.
Do not drive on wet repairs
Try to schedule extra traffic to your home outside the window of street work as much as is possible.

The Board

Gate Decals and Falls Barcode reader

Moving forward we have decided to no longer issue any new gate decals and will only issue the gate remotes. The forms on our website have been updated accordingly. We will continue to support the barcodes already issued (anything you have now should keep on working for as long as the barcode readers do), but in order to avoid expensive repairs later we want to phase out the usage of barcodes going forward and that starts with no longer issuing more of them.

There are a few reasons for this decision, hopefully you’ll agree this was the right move.

1. These barcode readers are incredibly expensive ($8-10k) each and both of our readers have reached the end of their expected service life. After this week’s install of the new gate directory box on Econ, these will be the only original gate equipment we own. It doesn’t make financial sense to replace these with remotes offering such a clear cost advantage.

2. Maintaining the barcodes is tedious and costly. There are over 1600 barcodes in our system today. Many of them are likely long gone on cars that people traded in but never reported as such. We had to pay the gate company hundreds of dollars just to program them all in for the new Econ gate directory.

3. We were out of barcodes and had to make the decision now whether to spend $500+ for new barcodes or make this move now. The decals are only available from the one company that makes the scanner.

4. Remotes are more reliable, can be sourced from multiple places online, and are cheaper to replace hardware for (a remote receiver is about $30 to replace).

We dropped the price on the remotes from $25 to $15 earlier this year and since then the majority of people have stopped ordering the barcodes and the feedback on the remotes is positive. If your car has a Home Link button, you can also program that to open the gate so there is no need for you to buy a remote for every car. Buy one remote, program your Home Link buttons in all your cars and put the remote in the drawer in case you need to reprogram a new one down the road.

With all this said, it looks like the barcode reader on the Falls side has died and will not be replaced. If you would like a remote transmitter please fill out the following form:Gate Remote Request Form

Proxy Collection Changes

Due to the proxy fraud the Villages of Rio Pinar experienced prior to the last election, the HOA board was forced to address the potential for such fraud and seek outside legal guidance. The feedback from this guidance indicated our existing proxy submission process was greatly lacking. There was no mechanism in place to ensure the integrity of the collection process. The management company and HOA board are ultimately responsible for ensuring that presented proxies have been legitimately signed over to the presenter. The recommendation from legal counsel is to require proxies to be original and if given to another, the signature has to be notarized. Identification also needs to be checked at the door at the annual meeting to make sure homeowners submitting votes are recorded on the deed. This policy should have been in place from the beginning, and the HOA was lucky to avoid an issue such as we experienced last year for this long. These changes are considered a best practice and bring us more in line with other proactive communities in Florida.
The board is responsible for nearly $1,000,000 in reserves and operating accounts in addition to approximately $500,000 in annual cash flows. With so much at stake, the proxy process needs to be improved to protect our community assets, and ultimately our residents. This may not be a “feel good” solution but the correct business decisions seldom are. Running a tight ship will not make everyone happy all of the time.

The HOA board understands that this may result in an additional hassle or confusion for some. We ask that before judgment is rendered, please consider the risk to you and your community if individuals perpetrating a fraud are elected and given access to the community assets.

June and July Board Meeting Minutes 2014

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