May 2014 Meeting Minutes

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March 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


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Next Board Meeting, May 6th at 4:00PM at the Clubhouse

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January 2014 Meeting Minutes



Spring 2014 Garage Sale March 15th.

With a rain date of March 22nd.

Next Board Meeting March 31st 2013

The next board meeting will be March 31st at 7:00 at the clubhouse.

Please come and join the fun!

December 16th 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

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January 30th Board Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda for the upcoming board meeting.


Update regarding January payments

Due to the quick transition in management The Board has agreed to hold off charging late fees and interest for the month of January. All owners should be receiving, if you have not already received, new coupon books to use for your assessment payments for Villages of Rio Pinar Community Association and The Club Association. If you have not received both your new coupon books by January 13th, please contact our office. All coupon books were shipped from the printer directly to all owners on December 28th. You will be receiving the coupon book for each association in separate envelopes.

If you made your January payments to Greystone Management or the old lockbox, they will be forwarding us any payments they receive. We will be sending a courtesy letter to all owners who we have not received payments from by January 22nd. If you receive this letter please be sure to make your payments right away. The Board has agreed to give owners until Feb. 10th to make their payments to the Club Association and Feb. 15th to make their payments to the Community Association without penalty. If full payment is not received by those dates then you will be charged fees and interest accordingly.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition and if you have any questions regarding your payments please email: or call our office and request to speak to Brittany or Gina in the accounts receivable department.

New Management Company

This is is a heads up that on Monday the board voted to replace Greystone Management with Soundview Management ( The primary motivation was to get us a betterĀ management company while also reducing the rates that Greystone was charging us. Everyone should be receiving a welcome letter from the new company sometime next week that will have more info. Greystone’s contract is up December 31st and the new company is already working on transitioning everyone’s info.

Tonight there was a less formal board meeting at the clubhouse to lay out some of the issues the board is having with Greystone to make this transition. The short story is, Greystone is not being as cooperative as they should be and the board is concerned this might cause some speed bumps. Greystone and the new company (Soundview) both use the same software for managing the HOA (this software is used by the majority of management companies) and Soundview expected that Greystone would provide them the electronic files they managed for our community (as is customary) and things would go smooth. But so far Greystone has not provided that data. The board has begun to take action to make Greystone meet their contractual and professional obligations to try and ensure a smooth transition.

Likely Questions you may have (I did):

The most obvious question is what about the quarterly payment stuff due soon. The advice given at the meeting was to hold off on sending a payment until you get the new info from the new management company. If you already sent a payment to Greystone, it should transfer over but it may take some time for the new company to get those records from Greystone. The new company is aware of the situation and allowing for a grace period to sort all this out. For those of you on auto debit (myself included), we don’t yet know what’s going to happen there. Ideally, those automatic drafts won’t occur since they are scheduled to be after their contract expires, but we may have to fill out new auto-debit forms for the new company. A lot of this is still being worked out so please be patient, I will update when I have more info. If you made a payment already or one gets drafted by Greystone, print out records of that just in case!

How was the new company chosen?:
There was a committee that has been evaluating potential new companies for months now. That committee consisted of several board members as well as Dave Mau. (I gave some opinions from the sidelines too). That list was narrowed to four finalists that presented their “pitch” and contract at Monday’s meeting. After which, the board allowed a few questions from residents and then they voted. They unanimously voted Soundview Management as the new company based on their use of technology (web portals for board and residents to track things), in house lawyers and general contractor (saves us money from needing to pay for these services separately), as well as the knowledge of the representatives presenting at the meeting.

Is this good?
Personally, I think yes it is. As someone who dealt with Greystone regularly, I was never blown away with their capabilities, use of technology, or communication. We’ve had 4 or 5 different Greystone community representatives this year alone, some capable, some “meh” and one good one, but it makes it very difficult to get high quality service with such a high turnover rate. I know of several issues that fell thru the cracks that can be directly traced back to these turnover problems. I heard all the new companies give their pitches and think we are getting an upgrade and paying less money at the same time.